Wedding Ceremony Time!

Note:  it’s been one month since the wedding now!  Can you believe I’m still recapping the wedding, Dad? 

After the pictures were done, we went to Moulin.  The limo…sort of bottomed out entering the parking lot.  And by bottomed out I mean it was the worst sort of screeching noise.  One of our friends witnessed us arriving and said the limo visibly bent.  Norbert turned to us all and said "there is no way that was at all okay."  Basically I think the driver may have totaled the limo.  Nonetheless he kept his cool and we all gracefully got out of the limo.  We were met by Ann and Linda of Moulin and hustled up to the Lafayette room on the second floor to have some drinks/snacks and wait for the ceremony.

Finally it was time!  They took Chris downstairs (our parents had been milling about, of course, but it was finally Go time!)


It’s time for our wedding ceremony!  Welcome!


Setting the stage…


The Musicians—Jeff, Karen, Bjorn, and Shannon.  We were around the corner from them, lining up.  I was so nervous!  I remember the last piece they played before the processional was one of the Brandenburg Concertos. 


Chris was waiting at the front.  The musicians played Panis Angelicus by Cesar Franck for the seating of the families and bridal party processional.  We had the men and women walk down together.


My Mom and Dad.  After seating my Mom, Dad came back to meet up with me.


Then Chris’s parents!  (My friend Emily looking on).


Next came the bridal party—Norbert and Carrie first!

Tantillo311 Tantillo312

Then John and Sarah, followed by Dave and Leslie…


Please rise for our beautiful bride!  (Oh wait, is that me?)  The musicians switched to Edelweiss from The Sound of Music.


Oh, yes, the crazy eyes!  Edelweiss was playing, and I was just remembering to try not to walk too fast…


Don’t pass out, don’t pass out…


I made it!  I was holding onto Chris’s hands like I was going to fall over a cliff otherwise.


Lighting the memorial candle (in honor of people who are no longer with us).


Some laughs…


Jon did a really nice reading.




You can see we are married here…


You may now kiss the bride!



And we were probably laughing because the quartet was playing the Medal Ceremony music from Star Wars!  It was AWESOME.  The ceremony was exactly what we wanted!  I have played for hundreds of ceremonies…and mine was the best ever.  (Completely unbiased opinion).

Oh my goodness.  We are MARRIED.  I was terrified through most of the ceremony—I was so embarrassed by much of the ceremony (I don’t like public displays of affection or personal stuff 😉 ) and so nervous for the vows (didn’t want to mess up) and when it was over, what a relief! 

Next some family pictures, and finally the celebration!  All of our hard work planning and preparing…now for the fun!

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