Wedding Dress Shopping, Part 1

Obviously I didn’t buy any of these or I wouldn’t be posting here…

IMG_0306 IMG_0307 IMG_0314

I didn’t find anything I really liked yesterday.  Some of them were okay, and I definitely got a better idea of what I am looking for.  It may just be that I felt a bit ridiculous in a gigantic white (ish) dress and the whole thing is crazy.  Or alternately that I wanted MORE ridiculous attention from the saleslady and she was being more hands off.  Looking at the pictures we took I like some of them more than I did in the store, and vice versa.  Either way, don’t they say that when you find your dress you just know?

I’ve got more dress appointments on Friday, so I’ll have more chances.  We’ll see what happens!

Also the other day was cake tasting again.


And we have chosen our cake.  It’s just a matter of going and booking it now. 


Chris looks really tan here. 

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