Wedding planning

I am seriously not cut out for wedding planning.  Chris keeps getting excited about stuff and I keep getting stressed out.  We are working on our location though, and I’m excited to get that pinned down soon.  I will let you know what we end up doing, but we are looking at two different venues right now and are currently working on negotiations.

I am looking forward to the food tastings..both of our venues provide food so the tasting will come later.  I shall channel my inner Emily Gilmore.


How do you like my outfit?


Oh, I’m READY for the 80s race.  (I know I said I wouldn’t show you my outfit, but I love this picture too much not to go ahead and spoil the surprise. I am not good at keeping things secret).  I mean, I have my costume ready.   That’s not ENTIRELY complete of course, the hair is not ready.  Nor have I really RUN in several days…(unimportant).