Wedding planning is a full time job

Until I started planning my own wedding, I had no idea what was involved.  Just absolutely no idea.  The amount of time you have to put into this thing is ridiculous!

I’m in the wedding business myself (I have a string quartet that plays music for weddings) but I am learning so much.

Things I’ve learned so far:

1) We brides get very impatient.  Grooms too.  Chris once got annoyed that a vendor hadn’t responded to him after a day.  Over the weekend.  In May.  I convinced him to calm down, because I figured the vendor was busy with actually doing a wedding that day and would likely respond early the following week.  Heaven forbid anybody get a day off.

2)  Everything costs more than you think.  Food.  Venues.  Photographers.  And things on your registry.  At one time there was a $109 gravy boat on my registry.  And I thought I could have a wedding for $10,000. (Yet people are still hesitant to spend $150 on a violinist…)

3)  It’s hard to think about anything other than my wedding.  Which is still six months away.  Almost every conversation I have with somebody ends up being about my wedding.  I used to find this incredibly annoying when other people did it…so I must assume everybody now finds ME incredibly annoying.  Sorry friends!  🙁

The good part is that I have a full time job!  Granted, it doesn’t provide a salary, but it does keep me busy, and there is free cake involved (later today in fact.) 

What we’ve done this week:

Finished the wedding website

Sent out save the dates

Started on our invitations

Met with a florist

Made other appointments with florists

Made cake appointments

Finished our wedding registry

Made appointments to shop for my dress

Made appointment to check out the hotel suite again

Signed deal with hotel for guest rates

That’s a lot, I think!  Not to mention I also got a haircut and discussed hair and makeup options and timelines with my hairdresser.  And did some planning with Leslie too.

See what I’ve done?  I’ve made a whole blog post about my wedding.  The thing is that Chris is going to a festival soon and we need to get as much done together as possible before he leaves.  He is very involved in the planning (equally with me) which surprises vendors, but it’s just the way we are doing things.


2 thoughts on “Wedding planning is a full time job”

  1. I do agree that wedding planning is very consuming but it does not have to be $$ 🙂

    We spent about $5K, including honeymoon on ours!

  2. Girl, you did good! 😀
    I agree, wedding planning is so much more involved than one would think. As long as you two stay true to yourselves, though, your wedding day will be absolutely wonderful and well worth the effort. Cheesy, I know, but it worked for me. 🙂

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