Wedding RSVPs

I know we probably sent out our invitations too early, but still, people could go ahead and RSVP for the wedding, right?  They do have about a month until the deadline.  I’m simply impatient. 

But still.  Less than a third have replied. 

It’s fine.  You give people a deadline, they will definitely wait until that deadline.  I do it all the time.  Sometimes I even ignore the deadline entirely!

We’ve finished our honeymoon plans!  Hotel, flight, cruise, all booked and paid for.

I’ve also got all my wedding day jewelry planned out and purchased.  I got two things on etsy…of course.

Next week I’m doing my hair trial with my hairdresser.  I hope my idea works out!


Should the guys wear bow ties for the wedding?

Today: I’m thankful that my wedding will be done in two months, we’ll be married (!), and YOU can be thankful that I won’t be talking about wedding planning anymore!  Two months to go…

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    1. I know in the past, when I was younger, I was not always great with responding. It’s hard: my wedding is the most important thing to ME, but for some reason, not to everybody else? WEIRD. On the bright side, I got my grandmother’s rsvp today!

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