Week 4 of Thanks

Let’s recap again!  Things I am thankful for this month:

1) My cat

2) No more election campaigning

3) Being able to afford to buy food

4) Gorgeous fall weather

5) Processed cheese

6) Good friends

7) My strong legs

8) My pumpkin bread recipe

9) Days off

10) Being able to go on cruises (on occasion)

11) Hummus

12) Comp tickets to the Symphony

13) New clothes

14) Chris

15) My students

16) My hair towel

17) Tivo

18) Family

19) Women

20) Having a wedding free weekend

It’s getting to be a really diverse group of things.  What about today?  Today I am thankful that I live so near a park that I can run in!  I love being able to run in the park and not have to worry about stopping at lights or dodging cars.  It’s a beautiful place to run in and watch other people running, walking their dogs, riding bikes, etc.  I live just five minutes walk from the park, and it’s really wonderful and convenient.  Today I ran approximately 7 miles in the park…whew, my legs are exhausted! 

Today’s workout:  7 mile run, 7 points for the HBBC

2 thoughts on “Week 4 of Thanks”

  1. Good job running 7 miles! I wanted to do a half-marathon this past fall, but I became a slacker and didn’t run as much as I should have. Have any plans for a marathon in the future?

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