Week in review (long)

What a long weird week.  It all started (for me) on Sunday morning, very early, for the world’s hottest half marathon.  (not really, but it felt like it).  Let’s remember, I did actually throw up a little.  How awesome am I?

I don’t FEEL awesome.  I feel like the race sucked.  I want a do over.  I thought I’d have that awesome race feeling all week and instead I just felt like a failure.  I guess that’s life?

(I’m going to give you some more of the race pictures if you can make it to the end of this post—you’ll love it.)

After Sunday…came Monday, and Monday sucked more.  Auditions are torture.  I was a little maudlin.

The rest of the week has flown by.  My hamstrings have been ridiculously sore.  I’ve done some great teaching—IMHO.  I even set up the recital date for the kiddos.  It should be a good time!  I am really loving some of my students lately, even when they are super whiny like many of them were yesterday.  It’s okay, I felt whiny too!

I’ve also decided to take the plunge and go with shorts for the rest of the summer.  I have a few more pairs on order, of a few different kinds.  They DO show off a bit more leg, which I am self-conscious about, but I like the coolness.  I’ll just have to deal with it.


Maybe if I pair them with knee socks?  Or if I had those legs?

Last night Chris and I went to “The King and I” for dinner.  It was a nice dinner out after a long week.  I ate too many noodles, but…oh well!   What’s funny is that even though I feel like I’ve been eating pretty crappy for awhile, I tried on a pair of jeans that had been too small (yes, sometimes I buy clothes small) and THEY FIT!  Guess all that working out is doing something.

I’m writing this while watching “Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix”.  I tivoed it a few weeks ago.  I am a huge Harry Potter fan!!  I haven’t liked all the movies, but I loved the most recent one, and I cannot WAIT for part II.  I actually don’t care for this movie, but I wanted to watch it anyway.


That’s also why I’m so random this evening.  I’m distracted.  I’m tired.  I’m waiting to go meet up with friends after the concert, but that’s hard when I don’t attend the concert.  I’m sure it will be a fun time, but for now I’m just decompressing.  And wearing shorts!!

OH!  So I found this on the internets recently–


I’m not a huge fan of the captions, but it’s ANOTHER cat that looks like the fatness!  Do YOU have a cat that looks like the fatness? Please reply in the comments!

I’ll end this post by giving you a few more race photos–




And Jen, looking good! Especially the middle one where it looks like she’s whistling…


She looks so hardcore!  I was referring to her as the ninja runner all day.  Well, all morning, until I become catatonic.

And then there’s Mike (and he knows I looked at these, he looked at mine too, I’m not being stalky…oh, except he may not be a blog reader…should I have asked permission?  Meh, I didn’t ask Jen either…) And it’s totally not fair that he had more pictures—I guess when I’m faster I’ll be ahead of the pack more and get more pictures, right?



Obviously he was feeling a little better than we were at the end.  I couldn’t even fathom doing a picture at the end with my medal.  Maybe that’s why I’m upset?  That was my favorite picture from Phoenix…it’s on my mantle!


Maybe Jen and I should put our (clean now) outfits back on and take some medal pictures together?  Or we’ll just have to try to feel better at the end of the next race, so we can be awesome rather than puffy, red-eyed and near death.