Week off (ish!)

I finished my last wedding of the weekend, and tomorrow drive to Kansas for Suzuki Institute…a whole week of no teaching, only watching others teach…so it’s sort of a week off. Also a week off from cooking, cleaning, being yelled at by my cat…you get the picture…

I have acquired a few new students over the summer–some are completely new to violin, some just new to me. Transfer students can be tough at first (mine actually aren’t, but I have experienced this in the past.) The main problems can be either that the student has poor technique and needs help, or that you are just too different from their old teacher and they have trouble adjusting. It’s easier, in a way, to start a student fresh, without any bad habits or preconceived notions. Of course, I enjoy teaching all students, beginners and up, and often to get that “and up” I need students who have started elsewhere. (Or I need many years in one place!).

I’ll try to update with what I learn in Ottawa. I am not sure how hectic the schedule will be compared to Columbus last summer, but I’m sure it will be similarly busy. I can’t wait!