Week One of Thanks

To recap what I’ve been thankful for so far:

1) My cat

2) No more election campaigning

3) Being able to afford to buy food

4) Gorgeous fall weather

5) Processed cheese

6) Good friends

That’s an interesting assortment of ideas/stuff I’m thankful for (or grateful, depending).  So what about today?  I wanted to say fall weather again, because the weather is just gorgeous today.  But that’s already been done!

I’m thankful for my LEGS which took me on a long run around Tower Grove Park.  I ran for about 1 hour ten minutes with one small break in the middle.  I ran nice and slow, but I RAN the whole time.  It was over 5 miles.




Love this!


I was so proud of myself for running so much.  Seriously, it’s been a big struggle to just keep running, and I know last week’s race with Jen was a big turning point for me (we ran the whole 5k).  Today I knew I could do it, plus I planned to take a break about 45 minutes in to try a GU, which is a food thingy.



This little packet tasted pretty good! It's to keep your energy levels up for longer runs.


I bought a sampler pack from that company (today’s was a free sample from the Lewis and Clark half marathon) so I’ll have some sampling to do.  I feel like a real runner!!  Thank you LEGS for carrying me through today!!