Weekend Recap part 1

I’m going to go out of order a bit (and save my race for later).  Yesterday I played two weddings.  The first was at St. Cecilia’s Church in South City.  It is a beautiful church, over 100 years old.  Evidently the area it is in used to be a German area and is now Hispanic.  The inside of the church is very shiny and ornate.  It’s really amazing what people used to build for their churches…it must have cost so much money!


Just a few pictures of the inside.  If you visit the website there are a few more.  I didn’t have my good camera with me, and the lighting was bad.  Besides which, I am not a great photographer!

Wedding number two was at the City Museum.  If you are from St. Louis, you have probably been to the City Museum.  I went in June with a good friend and her boyfriend who were visiting.  It is a crazy place!  The whole building is a huge playground with things to climb into, over, and through.  It’s difficult to describe in a way that would do it justice. However, that sounds like a strange place for a wedding, right?  Well, they have a large room that is nice for weddings…except it was super loud where we were due to all the children outside the room, running around and screaming.  We were in the architecture room.  I didn’t take any photos yesterday, but here is one from my previous visit.


The building in the background is the City Museum.  We could see this plane out the window from where we were playing, so that gives you an idea.

After playing two weddings, it was time to eat dinner and then attend the Symphony Concert.  Last night’s program was Prokofiev’s Classical Symphony, Leila Josefowicz playing Thomas Ades Violin Concerto, and Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherezade.   I really enjoyed the concert!  I usually don’t love new pieces, but I really loved the Concerto (and she played it fantastically, which I am sure helped immensely).  We then hung out with a few friends for a few hours and got to bed very late.

Now it’s time for my long run of the day—6 miles is on the docket for today Smile