Weekend so far

This is packing and moving week.  I may not blog as much this week because I’m not entirely sure what the internet situation will be.  As in, there MAY be a day or half a day without internet!  (cue scary, dramatic music, aka the "suspense" ring on my phone.)  I’m currently supposed to be doing some packing while waiting for my parents to arrive.  Tuesday is the official moving day—we have rented a truck and hired some movers to do the heavy lifting (I could TOTALLY do it all on my own, but you know.)

Last night we had a couple friends over for burgers.  I felt like a true underachiever as I served store-bought coleslaw and potato salad, but it just wasn’t practical to make a side on my own.  I also didn’t make anything for dessert which is really rare for me.  I felt bad, but I hope my friends didn’t mind.  They brought homemade sides and desserts that were delicious.

photo (54)

And this guy fell asleep on our table, in his car seat carrier.  I told Chris if he was like that all the time we’d need to see about getting one of our own, but it turns out that’s not all they do, so we are reconsidering. 

photo (55)

He was pretty cute the night before too.  Though I think he makes my arms look fat, so I might need to start holding larger babies for a better contrast.

Probably best to avoid him for a few weeks.  Or remember how shortly after this picture was taken things took a bad turn with some diaper issues.  It’s not all fun and games.

photo (56)

Meanwhile the boys were doing this…


Oh, and the big news I got last night is that my friend Vanessa got engaged!  Congratulations to her and Russell!!  It’s a love weekend—my friends Adrianne (of Chamber Project St Louis) and Derek got engaged a couple of days ago (to each other, to clarify.)


Vanessa: Since she’s not a string player she can wear her ring on the left hand.  And eat ice cream.

Sorry for the totally random blog post, but that’s how it’s going right now.  It’s hard to be focused when your entire life is currently packed up in boxes!  Plus, who am I kidding, I’m always random!

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