What a difference a day makes

Did I ever show you these pictures?


This was my meal from Home Wine Kitchen last weekend.  I took the picture because a) I’m a blogger and b) it looked like my meal was smiling at me.  It was delicious:  Arctic Char (try saying that three times fast…or once) with broccolini (no, spell-check, I do not wish to correct that to broccoli, it is different) and olives.  I would eat it again, but probably won’t get the chance because they change their menu weekly.  The restaurant was definitely an excellent choice—good food, good service, and nice ambiance.  No, I’m not a restaurant reviewer so that’s all you get.


She would have enjoyed the fish as well.  She’s sitting on a wicker laundry basket that was a wedding gift, one of the few we’ve started using yet.  We need to do some work on the house but right now Chris is just too incredibly busy and stressed out to deal with it.  Honestly, we just need a bigger place, and we’ll be looking for one come this summer.

Today: 8 mile run at Forest Park.  It was good.  I was tired, yes, and it was hot, but the run went decently, albeit slow.  Today turned into a no-shirt day for me…I wasn’t planning on it, but it is just so much cooler to run without a shirt!  Naturally my tan lines are reappearing more quickly than I would have thought possible (rare occasion I wish I were a guy and could truly run shirtless). I’ve decided I’m glad about that because (I’ve said this before) it makes me look more hard core.  I don’t feel hard core so looking the part will have to do.   

This is my spring break.  Between now and a week from now, I will teach FIVE students.  FIVE.  Rather than five hours of students a day.  I’m looking forward to relaxing a bit, practicing a ton, and catching up on stuff around the house (taxes, cleaning??).  Then life gets pretty darned busy until June, so I’d better relax while I can.

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