What my fiancé has been up to

As you know, Chris is playing with the Crested Butte Music Festival right now.  My friend Ginny posted some awesome pictures on facebook and I’m posting them here so you can all see what the boy has been up to.  I’m posting first and then he’ll be mad afterwards.  Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?  😉

He’s staying with two women I know, Jen and Ginny.  No, I’m not worried.



He’s a rock star!  That’s not a viola, it’s a mandolin.  And I love the Colorado decor.


They were evidently showing off their "guns."  I never do this.


On a hike!  I told him to try not to get engaged whilst hiking.  That would be totally awkward later…


I don’t know all these people—somebody, Chris, Ginny, somebody, Jocelyn, somebody.  Ginny and I know each other from Cleveland, and Jocelyn and I lived together when we were in college (in Cleveland).  I pretty much know everybody in the music world from Cleveland at some point—I did live there for approximately a million years, or maybe 10.

Hope you enjoyed!