What to do now?

I’m home!  It was a great “long weekend” in Phoenix and now it’s time to hit the ground running.  Ideally.  I’m trying to figure out how much work I can get done today before I teach (teaching work, mainly—there’s always stuff to be done outside of actual teaching and I was already behind) and I wanted to blog…and really I should just be practicing.

I got back to the gym this morning.  It was nice to do something other than running (ha, as if I’ve really done much lately other than the half…) and I almost enjoyed doing squats.  I was extra strong this morning though, which was awesome.  I did several sets with 115 pounds which is a lot for me!

Cat time:


Nice to be home to this cat! Chris sent me that photo whilst I was gone.


Even though this one is pretty sweet, especially now that he’s settled down—he was a VERY feisty kitten!


The trick to instagramming a good cat picture is to figure out what setting is best.  Albergo looks good on “Lo-Fi”, we determined. 

The best part of marathon training:  even though I am tired of running now,(arguably that has been going on for awhile) I still need to run, and the plan has 12 miles this weekend. I hope it’s really cold, like it was the other weekend! (I’d use my sarcastic font so you were clear, but generally everything I say is sarcastic.)


I like this picture from the race.  I’m WALKING and still have that expression of great pain.  Walking is hard, evidently. 

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