Today went much smoother than last Monday.  Monday I teach at Child of God, then Good Shepherd, then I return home for a few private students.  Last week I hit two bizarre traffic problems on the way to Child of God and was late, then barely made it to Good Shepherd due to traffic.  Today was NO problem, thankfully.

The classes did some good work today–the orchestra students were a bit tired by the end of class (it’s 1 hour 15 minutes long), but they worked hard.  I’ll need to remember next week to give them a water break part way through.  We started on our new music for the fall semester and next week will be starting on our Christmas songs.

It’s odd that Tuesdays are practically free right now.  It’s nice but disarming.  There are a couple of possibilities still up in the air for that afternoon as far as teaching goes.  However, as I am just sniffling and sneezing my way through the days here, a day practically off is much needed!