Which is cuter?



Did you see that quiz going around the other day?  I think you all need to take it: Which is cuter?

I got most of them wrong.  So did Chris, who became increasingly frustrated AND amused by the answers. 

Test: (Please leave a comment with your answers, and yes, this is a test)

Part one: Tell me how you did on the quiz, and what your favorite answer was!

Part two: Which of the above pictures of my cat is cuter, and why?

5 thoughts on “Which is cuter?”

  1. I got 5 correct, favorite was the hedgehog and stuffed hedgehog. I like the second picture better, look at that belly, it makes her head look so tiny!!

  2. The first picture, definitely. Even though you appreciate the fatness that is in the second picture, I like how his toes are curled up and his one foot goes between the cushions in the first. Did I get it right?

    1. I think you did! Though I (unlike the author of the quiz) do believe that cuteness is in the eye of the beholder–the foot between the cushions really made this first picture in my mind.

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