Who wants chowder?

I’m sort of on Spring Break—the school where I teach is on Spring Break so that means I have three days off this week! You’d think I’d be catching up on all kinds of stuff, but mainly so far I’ve watched a lot of TV, slept a bunch and hung out with friends.

image_2 image_3

Seafood Chowder and Crab Cakes from Robust Wine Bar last night (not sure why that one picture is sideways…)

Even the cat is bored by this blog post


You know how bloggers like to take pictures of their outfits? I’ve started doing this…also I was inspired by a friend…

photo image_1

It’s stupid and I love it. I’d tell you where I bought my clothes but we all know it’s just Target…I’m SUCH a fashionista!

So how has your weekend been so far?

One thought on “Who wants chowder?”

  1. I am so jealous you are on spring break and can do the things I really want to do like sleep and watch tv!

    I love Kohl’s and Target! And your kitty’s booty!

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