Who will pay me to watch tv?

This month has been a blur. I could say, oh, hey, sorry I haven’t been blogging as much. Or I could say, oh, hey, I know you don’t CARE I haven’t been blogging as much. Or I could just pretend that it doesn’t matter…because truth be told, it doesn’t!


One thing I’ve NOT been doing lately is really working out. I think I have run (note the grammar, please) three times this past month. I haven’t gone to the gym.

Result: okay, I’m probably less healthy and less strong. But I’m less hungry! And I haven’t weighed myself, but I think I’ve even lost a few pounds. I consider what I’ve been doing to be intuitive eating. I’ve been eating exactly what I wanted, and I’m not going to lie. Usually that’s pizza. But by telling myself I can eat what I want, I find I don’t want to go crazy, because then I feel gross and full. Weird, right? I didn’t read any books about it though, so there’s that. I’m just…eating what I feel like. And occasionally that even includes vegetables.


(this one never includes vegetables)

I’m actually back at the gym tomorrow though. We’ll see how my month of virtually not exercising has treated me. I did a bunch of body weight exercises last week—this included 100 lunges and 100 squats, and then I couldn’t really walk for a few days. I missed that feeling, but I do also like the feeling of being able to walk properly. I’m torn, I guess.

I’ve been obsessing over the show White Collar lately too. If you follow me on twitter you’ve picked up on this. Not gonna lie. This has something to do with it.

And this:

Plus it’s a smartly written show and very entertaining (I swear!). In the past two weeks since I became obsessed, I started to feel like I was ALSO in some complex world where I needed to stay 18 steps ahead of everyone and that everything that anybody said was richly laced with deep meaning. And then I realized that a) I’m not actually smart enough for that (I forgot the house alarm code once, just out of the blue, and once I put in an old zip code at the gas station pump, simply because I forgot) and b) most people are just living their lives and not everything everybody does has an agenda.

It must be exhausting to live like the people on that show! (yes, I’m aware they are actors.)

But still…worth it, right?

I know I shouldn’t objectify men and all that (or people, objectifying people is wrong, dear readers!). But..PRETTY! You should watch the show. (This is not a sponsored post, but I would be willing to get paid to watch the show, honestly. I’m not even making that part up. I would watch the whole series again if somebody paid me to.)

Excitement this week: My folks just stopped by on their way further west (driving, not biking), and I’m headed to Chicago for a long weekend visiting my friend Karen (Karen, if you’re reading this, I should give you a call or at least get your address) and hopefully eating at Avec… less side pony, more bacon wrapped dates! (intuitively that’s what I think I want).


Yes, I have to watch on my computer since the TV isn’t hooked up right. And no, it’s the middle of the afternoon so I’m not actually drinking right now—I have to teach soon! But, otherwise, that pretty much sums up my summer.

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  1. I’ve been pretty bad on the working out front myself–not to mention the blogging front, too. 🙁 But ever since we got back from vacation, we’ve pretty much been in depression mode…I’m sure things will kick back up soon…I hope…

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