Why blog

Why do I blog?

It’s my creative outlet. I enjoy writing about my life, and I enjoy sharing it with you people. I don’t really have a focus to my blog, other than it’s about stuff that interests me. 


To answer a question from one of my twitter followers: yes, I basically wrote a yogurt commercial. Why? Well…I can use the extra cash. Not going to lie about that. I have this little piece of the internet that is mine and why not get a little money to at least cover costs (there are actually costs!). Besides, as much as I love being a freelance violinist and teacher, it doesn’t pay so much.  So I’m willing to sell out a little. The other reason I did it: I actually really like yogurt. I’m cool with telling you guys that hey, there’s a new product and here’s a coupon, and we’re all adults here, and tomorrow I’ll just be posting a ton of cat pictures, you know? I’m not one of those bloggers who will do anything for a free whatever, but I’m also not one of those bloggers who has super high moral (or high and mighty) standards and won’t ever do anything on the blog for payment. And yes, there will be more “commercials” in the future, but I promise you I will more than balance them out with posts about nothing, about my cat, about music, and maybe even about working out or running! I appreciate you all reading, and hope you continue to do so.

This is not a paid advertisement: I really like these crackers. They are especially tasty with chicken salad or tuna salad. Plus they put the tune “Some Enchanted Evening” in my head which is an added bonus.


If you have some free time, you should go see pictures of a three legged kitten wearing a bunch of tiny hats. It’s pretty much, minus pizza, all my favorite things added up together.

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