Why it’s best not to gloat

Yesterday morning my friend Sarah was complaining of being so “cold” in Phoenix.  I often give her a hard time about this, because “cold” to her is usually about 60 degrees and I find when I visit she is always wearing significantly more clothing than I am.

Then I went to check the weather.  When you go to Weather.com the most recent cities you have looked at show up at the top.  After seeing the results I made a little picture for her…and for the world…hahahahahaha

That’s right, I have mad “Paint” skills.

But then later I checked back and…


Things got even worse from there but I had stuff to do so I couldn’t spend all my time making pictures on the computer! I had to take pictures of the cat!


I could spend hours photographing this magnificent creature.  (I mean, I do.)


If you look closely you can see my gross black toenail(s). (She resembles a potato here I think. Or is potatoe?)

And then I had to go to work later.  I saw this in one of the pieces we played.


And I had to make my friend take pictures of my tiny diet coke!  (You know how I am about diet coke.)


Today—better go get some stuff done before we “have” to see:


How’s your weekend so far? How’s the weather?


(current weather…)

6 thoughts on “Why it’s best not to gloat”

  1. That is pretty cold for Phoenix; however, I would KILL for temperatures like that right now. Here in SLC, it’s currently 5 degrees. I think if it was 27 degrees we’d think we’d hit a heat wave!!! Lol.

    Hope you’ve been having a good weekend.
    Ara recently posted…Fargain-Bargain!!!My Profile

    1. That’s pretty cold! We get that sort of thing occasionally here too, just not so far this year. It’s been ridiculously warm for the most part!

  2. That picture (the weather one) on Instagram cracked me up. I was telling my friend about it as we ran at the SHITR, which you must do next year. Perhaps the biggest ever combo action of fun and misery in a few hours.
    Kate recently posted…SHITR HappensMy Profile

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