Win a Pair of Travel Tumblers

I got the pictures of the travel tumblers.  They are so cute, I’m jealous that you guys can win these and I can’t 🙁

(Go to my original post here to enter to win, contest ends Monday 8/27 at noon CST)



Seriously, aren’t they cute?  No guarantees they won’t make you crave cupcakes and whoopie pies constantly 😉

Oh, and may I say, one of the best things I have ever done in my life is join AAA and then put the membership on auto-renew.  My car wouldn’t start tonight after work and they came within an hour to help.  I probably call them about once a year, sometimes for me, sometimes for a friend (who honestly should get their own membership, but hey, at least I’m a good friend!), and that membership fee is money well spent!  I guess the wires going into the battery had corroded a bit, or, that is, the connections on the wires, and that was why it wouldn’t start.  The AAA guy cleaned it off and tightened some stuff and it started right up.  I was so relieved!


Oh, and I took this picture in the waiting room at my school, while waiting for the truck.  It’s shark week, I believe?