Windows Live Writer

I’m testing out a new program to help me blog easier.  Yes, dear reader, now I can blog MORE and MORE!

Let’s see how this works—how about some pictures of my cat?


Aww…look at that cutie!


This is not my cat.  A friend found this photograph on the web.  I consider it to be the cutest photo in the world.  Occasionally my friend and I will email the photo to one another just to be overcome by conflicting emotions of cute and sad.

On a fun note:  I’ve recently been doing some internet research about running and gear and such, and came across a blog I really enjoy called SkinnyRunner.  I had commented on a recent post–there was a sign that said something about Run Fast Aunt Ham.  Well, I occasionally refer to my cat as “the Ham” or “Fat Ham” (because her tummy resembles a ham… 😉  ).  So I just had to comment!  And now I am internet famous (ha!) in that the blog author answered my question in a later post.  Okay, well I was tickled by it!  Really I’m just jealous because that author has many more readers than I do (and awesome legs, I want legs like hers but long like mine!)  Then again, she puts much more effort into it, so that is fine.