Winter Fat

My sister Leslie flies here today! She hasn’t been to St Louis since the wedding…

Monday I met up with a twitter friend who was in town for business. We went to PI on the loop and then to Eclipse at the Moonrise Hotel (I’m too lazy to do links, but you can do a google if you are curious).

We tried to take a selfie of the two of us (that’s a very internet thing to do) but we couldn’t because we both had the same side part and looked ridiculous trying to catch our best angles.


So I just took this one of her. She wasn’t in love with it but I think it’s cute. I hope she comes back to town again for more work soon and when I am less busy! In fact, I hope all my out of town twitter friends come into town for business. You know, St Louis has a lot of cool things to do. There’s the arch, great restaurants, the symphony, baseball, Forest Park, ME, and lots of road construction!


The Moonrise has an interesting chair in the lobby.

IMG_5731 IMG_5729


So many ways to sit on it! None of them comfortable…

It’s been a beautiful week of weather. Here are some pictures of Tower Grove Park. I took them whilst on a RUN.




And now I’m off for another run. I’m getting serious about this thing. I have been sitting around long enough. Time to wear out my running shoes.

And lose some of my “winter fat.” Yesterday at my workout Mike pointed out how much stronger I had gotten over the past month—I was shoulder pressing a good ten pounds more than a few weeks ago, no big deal. Plus the dead lifts I mentioned before. And other stuff. I told him it’s because I’d been bulking up, and that under my layer of “winter fat” I was incredibly muscular. He started laughing and said humans didn’t get winter fat, that we aren’t like bears.

He is wrong though. It’s so much easier to go out for a run and eat healthier when it’s warm outside!

Mike is wrong a lot though. He once said that we aren’t dogs and don’t need to reward ourselves with food.

I’d love to see those muscles though! I shall try to maintain that thought when my brain tells me I want to eat cookies or the leftover cheesecake in the fridge…


Speaking of winter fat…

6 thoughts on “Winter Fat”

  1. Mike is WRONG!!!
    I just feel fitter in the warmer months because it’s easier to be motivated — the sun is shining, my teeth aren’t chattering, you feel like walking to more places, playing at the park is fun again — and we’re wearing less clothing — MOTIVATION!

  2. You’re sounding a lot like a cross fitter with the 10 pound increase on some sort of weight lifting.

    I worked in STL for 6 years. This is running weather.

    1. Oh, don’t insult me with your cross fit comments! I lift real weights and use proper form 😉

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