Women running in adidas tights

Without further ado, another installment of “What people searched for to find my blog” along with amusing photos.

(Amusing by my standards, to be clear.  It’s my blog and I’ll post lolcat photos if I want to.)

Women running in adidas tights

Running Leggings

Crack cookies (recipe HERE)

Anchorman lifting weights

Ron Burgundy working out


Reasons to practice music flowchart


Screwing up violin auditions

Funny wedding rehearsal invitations

I’m still winning (yes, you are!)

Everybody laugh at (laugh at WHAT?)

My necklace bracelet

Cowbells play (follow that link for a fun video of me!)

Idiot a la gym

Stop moaning about headaches

Eating bacon grease

We are family cat pictures

Are cookies a stress (no they aren’t!)

Darth Vader as Groom (awesome!)

Now for the really odd searches:

I love you spelled with poop

and me and my friend ate

pink headband with purple stars skin

princess of violin blog

loaf dog get off the counter

hat makes a cat vomit

little kid holding first you killed dobby now this banana


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