Workout Wednesday

My trainer is out of town (on vacation, heaven forbid) this week.  I TOLD him that he needed to be in town when I was and only be gone during those time periods that I am also out of town, but he seemingly didn’t want to make his schedule only based on mine.  Weird.

That said, he sent me and some other clients a list of 4 different workouts for the week, of which we should do at least 2.  I convinced Chris to go with me today, because I am a baby and can’t possibly workout on my own at the gym.  And oddly after several years I still wasn’t entirely sure what all the workouts meant.  We decided to do the following workout from Mike’s list:

Assisted pull ups, 3×10
Deadlift 5×5
Seated wide grip rows, 3×12
Seated lat pull down, 3×12
Single arm cable rows, 3×20 each arm
Back extensions 4×10

This is the not the actual order we used, and Chris thought there were too many back exercises so he modified a bit for himself.  And then the “machine” for the back extensions was actually broken, and at that point I decided I was done with back exercises and did a couple of planks instead to finish it off.  So I did everything except that last one.

Here’s the plan for tomorrow: (and this is just me, not Chris. Probably he thinks it is too many leg exercises 🙂 )

Back squats 4×10
Dumbbell front squats 5×6
Weighted step ups, 30 each leg
Walking lunges with over head weight, 40 total
Recumbent leg press 5×8

I was going to do that yesterday but instead I went for an easy 5 mile run.  Did I tell you guys how awesome my running has been lately?  I’m attributing it to a variety of factors, especially the weather.  Saturday I ran 3.5 miles, Sunday was SEVEN and that only included TWO stops, one to fix my pony tail and another because I thought I was going to throw up.  Otherwise I ran the whole time, albeit slowly.  Yesterday was even slower, but felt faster, because I think my legs were still tired.


I got new compression “sleeves” to wear also, but don’t have a picture at this time.  They are pink, and only go around my calves (i.e. not socks).  I told Chris he should probably get used to seeing me wearing compression socks.  (Wearing only compression socks.)

Anyway, this new ability to run for several miles without dying and having to keel over or walk is a wonderful thing for me.  It makes me feel like my running plans for the year are within reach and that I have actually made some progress in running over the past two years and perhaps that I am not actually a complete loser.

Then again, I did deadlifts today.  So…