Worst trip to Chicago

I suppose I am generally a lucky person. Until yesterday, I’d never been one of those unfortunate folks who had had to stay overnight in a city due to a flight being canceled. Sure, I’ve had more than my share of delayed flights and miss placed luggage-sometimes it has taken all day to get somewhere that should have taken two hours. However, when we found out that the final leg of our Paris flight- the short flight from Chicago to St Louis-was canceled and we couldn’t be rebooked until noon the following day, I had a mini breakdown in the food court. There may have been tears, and I generally don’t cry in public.

It was a combination of the exhaustion from traveling but also the fact that I’ve been traveling with a cold and had run out of medicine on the flight. My nose was (and still is) red and cracked and honestly I’m still pretty sore from slipping down about 5 marble steps at the Museum of Erotic Art. Yeah, maybe Toms and old, worn down marble steps are not the best combination.

But we made the best of it. I suppose this is simply the continuation of our adventure. We were offered a ride in a rental car with a couple of businessmen but figured we were too tired and I was too germy to take them up on it. We did manage to see a good friend of ours and his family for a short period of time, even though we were probably pretty lousy company!

So here we sit in the airport. Again. And hopefully this flight will be on time!

Oh, and through it all I would have appreciated some sense from the agents that this was an inconvenience but we were treated as if it was absolute no big deal to have our travel delayed by 20 hours. No big deal. I think that grinds my gears the most. And our meal vouchers weren’t nearly enough. Thanks American Airlines!


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