You can wrap anything in bacon and it will taste awesome

Edited to add:  The winner of the previous contest was Nancy who wanted to try the Ginger Snaps Cupcakes.  (I used a random number generator.  I have emailed Nancy and thanks to ALL of you for entering!  My next contest will be announced tonight or tomorrow.)

Happy Monday to you all.  I’m sitting at home, reveling in the fact that after two months of vacation, Chris has gone back to work (on a Monday, no less, and keep in mind the symphony never works on Monday so this totally weird), and I’m doing busywork and have no work until late afternoon.

I’m recovering from our barbecue yesterday.  Or cookout.  I’ve been over all of that before…in a nutshell, we invited a bunch of our friends over to eat burgers, potato salad, other good food, and to show off our new house.  And also just to have fun.

While Chris was on “mancation” the other week, his friend Norbert taught him how to make Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers.  He decided he wanted to recreate them for our friends also.


First you half and de seed all the jalapenos.  Be sure to wash your hands really well.  In fact, the following day Chris asked me if I could put in his contact lens for him since the first eye had gotten a little red.  The answer was, in fact, no, I cannot.  I can put MY contacts in no matter what, but I couldn’t do his.

Anyway, after you get all the jalapenos done, slice the bacon in half.  You’ll want half a slice for each half of a pepper.  (I know, this is a really casually written recipe.  It’s basic enough that I am just not concerned.  And it’s more of a method, not really a recipe.)  Take the cream cheese and fill each pepper with cream cheese, wrap it in a half slice of bacon, and hold in place with a toothpick.


Place on a flat cookie sheet, which I recommend covering in foil.

Bake at 425 for some amount of time.  We thought maybe we should have baked them longer as the bacon didn’t get as crispy as I would have wanted.  Nonetheless, these are good no matter what.


They went fast.  We still have some leftover from a batch we didn’t bake yet though.  They were delicious!  I figure they count as vegetables in one’s diet so they are healthy.

Jon brought their baby over, and Sarah Crowder and her husband came as well.  (Can I say how much I love making new friends?  I am finally realizing this, that I truly embrace new friends…I used to think it was hard, but I’ve realized I’m actually pretty darned good at it.  Keeping old friends is a different story, but it’s generally because somebody moves away…)


Sarah and Benjamin


Steve showed off his burger masterpiece.  By the way, we have a ton of meat left.  Who wants to come over for dinner again this week?  Luckily the stuff freezes really well.


It was great to see Vanessa again!  I missed her over the summer.  I’m glad she’s back 🙂


Oh, and I wanted to show off my new purple pants.  You can’t really tell, but they are dark purple, and I got them from Target.  In fact, that entire outfit is from Target (aren’t I a fashionista??)…top, tank, and pants.  I decided to wear pants because I brilliantly realized if I did I could wear my calf compression sleeves underneath them and no one would be the wiser.  (I ran 9 miles in the morning, and then ate at least one popper per mile…I think that works out?).

Basically we had a great weekend!  The party was a success and it was great to see everybody and meet a few new people.  Now the Symphony folk are back to work, and shortly they leave for Europe.  I go to Boston this weekend for my friend Lauren’s wedding (can’t wait!) and then to Paris soon (REALLY can’t wait!).

What are you must-sees in Boston and Paris?  Do you own Purple pants?

Oh, and I’ll be announcing my coffee tumbler giveaway winner later today, and will be back soon with ANOTHER giveaway.

10 thoughts on “You can wrap anything in bacon and it will taste awesome”

  1. I recently had a corn dog wrapped in bacon at the local fair. I was on the bacon wrapping fence before this experience … Now I’m convinced anything wrapped in bacon is awesome.

  2. If you coat your fingers with oil while working with chiles, it keeps the burn away. Maybe if you finish the poppers under the broiler, you’ll get crispier bacon. Anyway, they look delish – I’m a sucker for poppers;)

  3. I love those pepper things…I call them “Alligator Tails”! I also love Boston, spent 6 mos there on a job, and didn’t want to come home! The common is beautiful, do some shopping on Newbury St, and check out Fenway Park. I also did a Sam Adams brewery tour, that was fun too. There’s a lot to see, HAVE FUN!!

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