Ah…slept in this morning…

I played two weddings yesterday afternoon—one at St. Cecilia’s Church and one at the Marriot at Union Station.


We went to a friend’s New Year’s Eve party last night.  It was fun—lots of our friends were there and there was good food.  I took my camera but didn’t take any photos…maybe someone else will have some (I posed several times).  I decided to dress up so I wore my silver and black dress!  It was fun Smile

Today is my last relaxing day…I have to start preparing for teaching on Monday (and beyond!).  Orchestra doesn’t start until the following week, but I’ll need to give some thought to what repertoire the group should play this semester.  There are still a few pieces from the fall we didn’t get to, so we’ll start with those, but after that, I’m not sure yet.  For my other classes, I’ve changed the grouping so it’s now by grades, which will be better (K-2, 3-4), but I’ll need to be a little more creative to keep everybody moving forward.  I think it’s time for the 3-4 to learn music reading…and the k-2 all need some work on technique fundamentals.  For my private students, it’ll be a week or two of catch-up.

Last night a few friends asked if I had any New Year’s Resolutions.  I told them I had some ideas, but nothing overwhelming (lots of little things, really)…I’m looking at my list right now, and as it is now January, there are a few specific goals for each month.

1. Read one book about teaching.  I am going to actually read two books this month—both of Ed Kreitman’s.  They are on the shorter side—Teaching from the Balance Point, and Teaching with an Open Heart.  I’ve read the first before and started the second, but I want to read both again fully.  I’ll share my thoughts about both as it goes along.

2.  Try new restaurants. We have plans for tomorrow to go to Milagro with friends (also combines with “do something with a friend each week”), and then for Chris’s birthday to 1111 Mississippi, so I know January is covered for this one.

3.  Cook three new recipes per month.

4.  Read one “classic” novel per month.  Haven’t picked it yet…maybe something Jane Austen Winking smile

What else is on the docket for the month?  My trip to Phoenix, of course, with the race.  There’s the Suzuki Association’s Parents as Partners Online, the Chamber Project concert at the Siteman Center, my Spinning class, the Yoga for Runners Workshop, and of course my usual teaching and various gigs (not so many weddings in January).  Should be a great month!

HBBC (last week): January 1: 10 mile run: 10 points, 7 f/v: 1 point, total: 11 points, January 2: 20 minutes stretch/20 minutes weights: 2 points