A year ago (approximately) my friends and I were out and I remember making a joke that Chris and I were getting married on 11.11.11.  This must have been in November last year, or who really knows.  I know that we were at Robust Wine Bar, I know that Chris and I were not engaged (yet) and I remember telling everybody (jokingly) to save the date, and I remember that my friend Jon thought I was being serious.  Sorry Jon!  It’s 1.2.12.

So, happy 11.11.11 everybody!  And Happy Veteran’s Day.  I’m playing a service this morning for Veteran’s Day.  I’m not sure exactly what it is, but Ashokan Farewell (from The Civil War series) is most definitely involved.

I may be a pacifist but that doesn’t mean I can’t respect those who have served. 

Okay, a few business items:

1.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done promotion of my facebook page.  Come "like" me on facebook if you haven’t already!  Puh-lease!  It’s almost like having friends.

2.  Also feel free to follow me on twitter @hannahviolin.

3.  I got my Christmas cards today!  If you are a faithful blog reader (you know who you are) who wants to exchange cards, email me your address!

30 Days of Thanksgiving:  Today I am thankful for quite a few things:  that I didn’t embarrass myself on National TV like Rick Perry the other night, that I am not involved in the Penn State scandals, and that I haven’t had to serve in the armed forces (with my depth perception you should all be thankful for that.) 

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