I’m a runner

About a month ago I emailed with Kelly at foodiefresh.com about being on her "I’m a runner" feature.  At the time I was feeling really confident about my running and about identifying myself as being a runner.  Since then, things took a downward turn between hurting my leg/ankle and then getting an AWFUL cold.  I don’t really feel that much like a runner at this time…EXCEPT that I am currently wearing my running clothes, on the couch, waiting to hear back from my friend Jen about when we are going for our long run in Forest Park.  I think today is my first day feeling like a runner again in a long time, and I even drank a ton of water last night in anticipation rather than alcohol!

That makes it a PERFECT morning to be featured on Kelly’s blog.  Click here to read my "I’m a runner" entry..  I do, in retrospect, wish I had included more pictures, but you’ve all seen plenty of me, right?


Can you believe my friend Sarah "drew" that picture?  It’s of my cat.

In any case, I’d like to extend a hearty welcome to any new readers who popped over to check on my blog.  It’s a pretty weird, random place.  I write about whatever is on my mind, or what I’ve done, or what I’m planning to do.  Basically it’s about my life, and I hope you enjoy reading it. 


That’s me on the left, and some guy I’m marrying in January on the right.  We don’t normally look nearly that awesome, but our photographer is a magic maker!  And ordinarily I don’t have a photographer, that was simply for our engagement photos.  I’m not a model or anything.  I am a violinist and a violin teacher, and in my free time I blog, practice, play with my adorably fat cat, read, work out, run, and of course plan my upcoming wedding.

I’m off for a long run.  We are shooting for 8 miles today.