Need more coffee before I have a title for this post


This is what temptation looks like.  Trick:  do not open any of the boxes.  Wait.  (Not sure what for.  A sign from God?  Perhaps for somebody to say, hey, Hannah, you’ve lost too much weight, you should eat some girl scout cookies?)  Darn adorable students selling cookies.


This is all the music I have to finish learning and perform in the next month. 

This has been a lousy running week.  Yesterday I managed a run/walk for 4 miles (was fine), today I didn’t go at all (stomach issues).  Tuesday I should have stayed at the gym and run but I needed to get groceries before teaching.  Maybe tomorrow I can do a short run after my workout with Mike, though I have a lunch meeting at work.  Saturday is also a strong possibility for a short run.  Sunday we are running 10 miles, rain or shine. 


(What I look like running in the air, a rare occurrence!)

Oh, and I got a text from Leslie last night asking when my half marathon was, and did I want to do a training run in South Carolina.  I can only assume she is already packing for the trip.  Leslie, shall we wear the green shorts and orange tops, or do you want purple shorts and PF Chang’s 2011 shirts?  Or Aqua shorts with green tops?  What are you thinking?  My current shoe choices are pink or turquoise, if that matters.