Monthly Archives: April 2012

Trattoria Marcella

Always a good idea.  Trattoria Marcella is one of our favorite restaurants in St Louis.  It’s just delicious Italian food. I went the other night with my friends Vanessa and Carrie.  We split some appetizers. Mushrooms with Polenta Fries…so wonderful! Toasted Ravioli.  This is a St Louis specialty, like Gooey Butter Cake or Budweiser.  Then […]

Willpower and Self Control

Guess what happens when you go from working out 6 to 9 hours a week to working out 1 to 3 hours a week, and instead of compensating by eating less or BETTER, you eat a little more and WORSE.  Yup.  Up 3 pounds in three weeks.  This can be remedied.  I do have willpower […]

Happy Anniversary Will and Kate

A friend reminded me that today is Will and Kate’s wedding anniversary.  Happy Anniversary to them!  I only mention this as an excuse to post these pictures again… First, Kate. Now… In the second picture, we did not want to deal with buttoning the back up all the way.  Plus the replica dress itched—perhaps the […]

If at first you don’t succeed…

My sister sent me this the other week.  Oh, and sorry, Leslie, I realized this week has gone by and I haven’t called you back.  Maybe today! But really, we’re talking life and death, and you try ONE time to get out of the freezing water, Mr. DiCaprio?  When I was younger, my cousins and […]

Titanic Gatos

I realized I’d been so caught up in talking about myself and sharing my life and oatmeal with you, I haven’t done one of my favorite blog features in awhile:  Search terms used to find my blog!   funny people in pain  I am quite funny, but my shoulder pain is real.  Glad somebody thought […]

Frozen Wedding Cake

For the record, the wedding cake was still good.  We’ve got the top tier left to tear up on January 2.  Are you supposed to eat the whole thing at once?  It’s a pretty rich cake… My mother has a great love of freezing things and I occasionally have the same problem.  Not QUITE as […]