Almost moving day

photo (57)

I had to snack on this tonight because I was starving and there was nothing else in the house.  FOR REAL as we moved all the food to the new house.  Oops.  It was delicious though!  There’s still some left and I’m debating.  Chocolate, though delicious, is actually not that filling.  Who knew. 

I downloaded some instagram collage apps last night and things got crazy.  Don’t judge.  Actually.  Whatever, I no longer care.  Judge away.

photo (58)

I thought about taking that a few more steps, but I grew bored.  I may try again later. 

Tomorrow is the big move.  All of our stuff is boxed up and ready to go.  I’m feeling a little bit sentimental about it being the last night in this place, but I’m very excited for the new place.  My parents rocked out and cleaned a bunch—I think we should stay longer as my fridge has never been so clean…but it is empty except for a bunch of bottled water so that is not fun. 

Yeah.  I’m exhausted.  I should be sleeping, not blogging, but you know me.  Fight sleep, continue searching for entertainment.

Next time I’ll see you it’ll be from the new house!