At least I have jobs

I am finally done with work for the day.  Mondays are 11 hour days 🙂

And I’m thankful.  I was driving home today (to teach for over 2 more hours) and I thought, hey, I am lucky to be so in demand and to have work that keeps me so busy.  I know lots of folks are unemployed, so thank goodness I have a job!  (Well, thank goodness I have 18 jobs…).  I am glad I have the opportunities I have right now for teaching, and I know that what I am doing now will only help me in the future, so for that I am thankful!

(and now, Harry Potter time 🙂  I’ll blog more another day…so tired…yet so ready to see this movie!)


HBBC:  No workout today (day of rest) but I made sure to eat 7 servings of fruit/vegetable!  Which I don’t do very often, so I’m pretty proud.  1 point.