Beautifully different…meh #reverb10

Prompt: Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.

What makes me different?  Different from whom?  I find this an incredibly odd prompt, if for no reason that it isn’t even really open-ended, which has bothered me all day.  In fact, it’s possible that I disagree with the entire premise of this prompt, which makes it incredibly difficult to write.  Great start, huh?

What makes me different?  I am very sarcastic…I have a great sense of humor and love making jokes.  I have a huge smile and I love to laugh.  I’m tall.  Are any of those things different? 

Sometimes I think the things that make me different are actually less than beautiful.  I can be caustic.  I often think too highly of myself and my intelligent and look down on people.  I often feel that my intelligent separates me from other people…and that is hardly a beautiful thought.  I’m moody…I’m a good liar…

Do I seem combative?   I feel combative (is that different?).  That’s two days in a row I’m not doing well with these prompts.  This project is bringing out some very negative feelings in me! 

4 thoughts on “Beautifully different…meh #reverb10”

  1. I agree that many of the things that I think make me different are not things that make me beautiful. I found this prompt hard, too.

  2. Aha! Love this post by you, today! I’m totally indifferent to this one, too. I think it’s a bunch of malarky to go on and on about differences!


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