Best violin teacher ever?

My classes at Child of God school have been begging me for a halloween party.  Well, I’m not doing that, but I did bake them some pumpkin cookies this afternoon 🙂


Please note my skill with the icing!

Does this make me a great violin teacher, or the greatest violin teacher?  I do hear that the 1st graders have a field trip tomorrow and are missing out (just found out a few minutes ago).  Oh well, 1st graders!  😉

My legs are resting after a hard run today–I decided to go all out and really push myself as far as speed.  I took about 2 minutes off my normal mile pace for three miles.  I hope that doesn’t come back to haunt me.

I recently got this awesome picture of a group of us after the Lewis and Clark Marathon.

Exhausted bunch of people!

We had all run–(from left to right) Kathryn (Joe’s client), me, Joe, Michelle (Joe’s wife), and Natalie (Joe’s client).  We had just finished lunch and were all struggling to move/stay awake.  Good times!

I’d better go pack up the cookies 🙂