Bolt for the BSO

I am not entirely sure how I feel about charity runs.  Probably the same way I feel about charity gala dinners.  On the one hand, it’s great that you are supporting a great cause.  But…couldn’t you simply support the cause without making the person run or without having a fancy dinner that costs money to put together?  Your dollars would go farther.  Nonetheless, I suppose anything that gets people to donate money to non-profits is a good idea.


I received this comment today:


It seems like a great idea!  Go visit now, especially if you live in the Baltimore area.  The active giving link didn’t work for me though.  I wonder if other orchestras have had experience with this?

I wonder how many musicians are also runners?  I know quite a few marathoners—what I’m wondering is if a higher percentage of musicians are distance runners versus the normal population?  Distance running requires discipline and the ability to do something for a long time.  In my mind, those are skills that we honed in the practice room.  Granted, musicians also love rich food and wine, but the two are not mutually exclusive.  Are you a runner?  Are you also a musician?  Does anybody know the statistics on this?

Then again, as I’ve said before, if I ran faster, I wouldn’t have to run for as long.  Better get going then!


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  1. It does seem like highly disciplined musicians would be able to transfer their discipline into other arenas of their life, like running. I wonder what the statistics are on that, too. My husband is definitely one example, though. He’d routinely get up at 3 or 4 in the morning throughout high school to practice before, during and after school. He hardly plays anymore, but whatever his current interest is, he’s sure to go full force into it. He trained with Navy Seals way back when he almost joined the Navy EOD and lost nearly 50 lbs. with intense daily workouts, and now he runs pretty regularly. It makes me feel pretty bad, actually, b/c I was the one who got him into running and now my runs are sporadic at best:P

    Btw, I’ve really enjoyed your posts–it’s always refreshing to read about other musicians’ experiences (not just with music, but life in general)–I think that’s why your blog is gaining attention!

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