Boxing Day

Yesterday we had lunch with an old friend of Chris’s and also met her fiancé.  They are getting married in May, so of course we talked "wedding."  I gave some advice, you know, since I’m all knowledgeable about planning them and stuff, plus, if we brides and soon-to-be-brides didn’t give tons of (mostly) unsolicited advice, well then who would!  I told her the stuff I was told that I found least helpful, such as "be true to yourself" and "we had the wedding of our dreams for $200 and you should be able to also!"  I also gave her some pregnancy advice and asked several times when they were planning to have children, since people always have opinions on that and she needs to get ready.


Jen, Chris, and my Chris outside of Dressel’s.  I thought about getting a picture of me and Chris, but figured we’d get enough pictures taken this weekend, and most particularly on Monday.

After a potato-heavy lunch, it was gym time!  Mike is giving me an extra two sessions this week (that brings the total to four) so that I can really be in excellent shape to walk down the aisle.  He said the end of our week will be dedicated to bouquet-tossing techniques.  Oh, and I’m definitely questioning his diet—evidently he ate so much on Christmas that he threw up.  Like I did, but when I was around 5 years old.  He claims it is because ordinarily he "eats Paleo, no grains, no dairy" and spent the day eating cookies and other junk that his body couldn’t handle, but I say throwing up is a sign of weakness.  And saying that you ran 10 miles to make up for it is probably a sign of exercise addiction.  But then again, there’s no way to win the healthy argument.  Either you aren’t healthy, or you are just too healthy, or you don’t exercise enough, or you exercise too much.  No winning, much like the wedding planning—everybody has an opinion, and most people just like to tell you to be "true to yourself" and then they will tell you exactly how to go about doing that. 

Yes, I have a bit of an attitude today.  I’m allowed, I’m getting married in less than a week, and dealing with all the wedding planning stress. 

Happy Anniversary to my parents! 

3 thoughts on “Boxing Day”

  1. Ok, so as usual, I clicked on the link to your blog. And it opened up and I found myself looking at a picture of Jennifer Best(we were at NCSA together). Of course I know that the music world is very, very small, but it’s still a surprise to see the people that know each other. =-)

  2. I think I’ve only eaten until throwing up once or twice in my life… and there may have been some college-days drinking involved. Grosser than gross, never again, it’s the worst feeling I can think of.

    While I never advocate setting Bridezillas on the loose, I’ll agree with you that if you can’t have a healthy dose of attitude this week, when CAN you? Bring it on, SO excited for your big day on the horizon!

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