Cakes and whatnot

Spring is a busy time here in real life—before I know it another week has gone by!

Things I’ve done:

Seen the movie 12 Years a Slave (highly recommend!)

Watched Gil Shaham perform with the SLSO

Went to Jazz at the Bistro

Made a ton of meals involving meat, veggies, and not much else (Whole 30 day 29, baby! So close but yet so far…I’ve lost weight for sure, but I’m tired of being hungry and low energy all the time.)

Performed with my quartet at a Retirement Community called Friendship Village

Played a wedding and cocktail hour

Taught some students (just some, as others were on spring break)

Listened to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra music I need to memorize about a million times

Felt sorry for myself (oh that one isn’t a good thing, but it’s been happening…the good thing is that I’m realizing that a lot of things that I blamed myself for weren’t really my fault—and that I deserve nice things to happen to me—someday I’m going to write a post about this, but not right now…for now, it’s just the constant ups and downs, and knowing that things WILL get better, have gotten better, and that in the future I’m not going to be making the same mistakes.)

Worked out—getting stronger!

Took some long walks


Got lots of cake pictures!

IMG_9057 IMG_9068  IMG_9075 IMG_9072

How’s your Monday going? I’m still trying to recover from this stupid cold…I keep feeling like I’ve kicked it and then I feel lousy. *sigh*