Capitalist pig

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My friend Melissa is always finding out about new restaurants.  I tend to think of myself as a fairly “in-the-know” person, but especially for someone who doesn’t live here full time OR tweet (and for a bassoonist, honestly), she leaves me in the dust!  Anyway, she told me about a new BBQ place that opened in Soulard at the Mad Art Gallery, and we made lunch plans.

The joint is called “Capitalist Pig” and is a small, unassuming place.  It says “take out only” but there were a couple picnic tables set up so we managed to “eat in.”


This was me trying to take an artistic photo.  That’s the counter where you order.  I ordered the ribs with sides of potato salad and baked beans.  Melissa had the pulled pork platter with coleslaw and mac & cheese.  We both had corn muffins and Fitz’s Diet Root Beer.


image_2 They had a nice assortment of sauces to choose from.  My ribs didn’t need any, but I tasted the House and Sweet & Smokey and they were tasty.  Melissa loved the Blackberry sauce.

My ribs did need a stronger than plastic knife, but I managed by using my hands and teeth. (Arguably I could have asked the cashier for something, but I was feeling shy and also felt like this was a moral failure on my part.  Plus the poor lady had already accidentally undercharged me and I didn’t want to make things worse.)


That’s a half slab of ribs.  These were TASTY and MESSY.  It’s weird—usually I don’t order ribs, but for some reason I did.  I’m glad I did, they were delicious.  I was so proud of not spilling on myself too! 

The corn muffins were delicious.  The potato salad was really unique and had capers in it, and I LOVED it.  The baked beans were good, though I think I like Bogart’s better, and Melissa said the cole slaw was delicious and the mac & cheese was pretty tasty too.  They had extra corn muffins so they gave us a big bag of them. 

Oh, and remember how I just said I didn’t spill?  Later in the day I realized I had indeed spilled sauce on myself, somehow.


Seriously, not sure how that even happens.  Then I realized I had a matching spot on the back of my other pant leg,. 

All that being said, I recommend you check out Capitalist Pig.  I think it’s possible that St. Louis BBQ is starting to grow on me. 

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