Career Goals

Somehow during my workout with Mike yesterday we got on the subject of career goals.  He was talking about his, and suddenly asked me what mine were.  I paused and said, Hmm…I guess I don’t have any.

It’s not entirely true.  But as I said it I realized perhaps that was my problem.  I don’t have a goal to be in the SLSO.  Maybe I should but I’m just too darned practical at this point.  I guess I’d like to be on the sub list but I’m just so tired of the disappointment…though that’s why I’ve given myself so much free time, so I can {hypothetically} practice more.  Teaching wise I would like more students, and I’d love to have more advanced students, but that’s not really a goal so much as something that will happen with time if I stop moving and stay in one place.  I am happy just making an impact on my students and making them smile and feel like they can do something on the violin that they couldn’t do before they came in.  And I’m already doing that with my students.

Then I said to Mike, "I’d like to write a book."


Interesting.  Maybe I should work on that.