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Vacation continues

I promise I will do a better race recap soon—I am just waiting until I get home. 

I’m still in Phoenix visiting my sister Leslie.  It’s been a pleasant few days, just relaxing and doing a bit of sightseeing.  I had hoped to hang out more with some friends, but I suppose it’s a busy time of year for people.  My sister has a few more days off work though, which is the main reason I chose to visit now. 

I think as people get older, whatever personality traits they had when they were younger become more pronounced.  I’m sure that’s true with me as well.  It’s interesting when you only see people every now and again—so often what you remember most about them, well, that seems to be even more pronounced each time you see them.  For bad or for good, really. 

I haven’t been keeping to my diet very well the past few days.  It’s always tough on vacation, between eating out more and not having as much control over one’s food choices.  I know I will need to buckle down when I get home—less carbs, more veggies, more protein.  I’ve been more lethargic the past few days, and I’m sure that’s a big reason, in addition to perhaps a few too many glasses of wine.  I also haven’t really gotten enough workouts in—even though I just ran a half-marathon race, I feel like I’m a bit out of shape! 

The weather has been great though.  It’s a nice reprieve from winter in St. Louis.  When Leslie first moved to Phoenix, I visited more often, and loved the winters.  As we’ve gotten older, I haven’t come out as much, but that aspect is still really nice.  It’ll be much easier to face the cold weather again…

Well, I will conclude this, the world’s most boring blog entry.  I blame all the carbs!

Finished in 2:46:07

I was too tired to blog yesterday…and I will do a longer, more detailed race recap later, but…we all finished!


I didn’t go as fast as I’d hoped, but I improved my time, ran considerably more of the race than my previous one, and had a great time!

My sister Leslie finished the marathon(her first!) in 4:15:50.  I don’t know my friend Sarah’s time but it was a little after me (her first half!).  Everybody was proud and happy.

Phoenix Rocks

I’m in Phoenix now, on the eve of my second half marathon.  I’m meeting a friend shortly so I will just give you all a brief recap.

My flight yesterday was great.  The funny thing was that some women were talking in the waiting area to board the plane, and it turns out that of about five people in one area, three of us were flying to Phoenix to run the race.  I guess I’m not the only crazy one!  I arrived in the mid-afternoon and my sister Leslie picked me up at the airport.  We went directly to the expo for the race (where you pick up your race number.)

I haven’t run a race with an expo before so this was a new experience to me.  We picked up our numbers, t-shirts, and goody bags, then we walked around.  There were tons of booths for a variety of products related to running—clothes, shoes, drinks, snacks, lotions, even paper jackets to buy for “throwaway” clothing.  We picked up some free samples (though the Lara bar table was being very stingy) and were probably there about an hour. 

Dinner was at Cibo in Phoenix, and then I went to the Phoenix Symphony concert (my sister is a violinist in the symphony).  The concert was in Tempe at the Tempe Center for the Arts, a relatively new place, I am told.  The symphony played all six of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.  I ran into my friend Karen, (also a violinist in the symphony, but not playing that night) and we sat together.  (Karen is a good friend of mine from when we lived in Cleveland).  It was cool to see Leslie perform along with a few other friends in the symphony! 

Today I spent an hour wandering around “Old Town Scottsdale” while Leslie was in a rehearsal.  I bought a souvenir mug and got a really nice leather bag!  We had lunch at the Orange Table and then relaxed in the afternoon—wanted to rest our legs, especially as Leslie is running the full marathon tomorrow.  Dinner was homemade pasta and salmon…and now it’s time to meet up with my friend Sarah for a short while and then early to bed, early to rise, tomorrow it will be time to run!

I promise I’ll have pictures soon—I just haven’t taken any yet Sad smile