Okay, dear readers, without further adieu, it’s time for more guest cats in honor of the greatest of all days of the week…CATURDAY!! Here are some reader submissions (you can email me your pictures and information at hannahviolin at gmail dot com to be included in the future!)

First up: from a reader and fellow blogger, Krista:


“This is Eleanor Roosevelt (Rosie).  She is 18 years old and still going strong.  She can tell time.  Every night at 10 pm she comes downstairs to tell me to go to bed.”

Such a pretty kitty! I love her focused eyes. Obviously she is counting the seconds in the day in order to keep track of time. It must be a hard life, but somebody’s gotta do it!

Next up from a reader, Melissa (and fellow violin teacher—I met Melissa a few summers ago doing my Suzuki Teacher Training in Kansas)…

photo 1 

“Sergei, a Siberian kitty, age 5
Shown with full mane kissing Ella, age 2″

photo 2

“And with his lion cut for summer. He was not happy that first day.”

I wish my cat had long furry hair that I could cut into a lion cut. I love this look.

And one more:

From a reader, Nappie Dee. I love the description she wrote in her email so I am going to basically quote the whole thing! (and I freaking love this picture—I’m a sucker for a fat cat in a small suitcase or box.)



“This is Sushi – aka His Enormity, aka His Fatness. He is a ridiculously photogenic and extremely large, fat cat. We have a herd of four cats currently, down from five (or was it six?). Inspired by your project, we have recently instituted our own “Project Less Fat Cat” in our household.
Not sure how it’s going, because His Enormity does not seem any less hefty when hefted as of yet.

Also, with three other cats (of course they all have their various neuroses and eating disorders – we have one that is addicted to a specific brand of olive oil. No, really, it’s true), it’s difficult to be really super restrictive. Sigh.”


“Sushi is also the only cat in the household that does not run screaming for a kitty version of a bomb shelter whenever I break out the violin for practice.”

Did I tell you guys that the fatness hates violin too? It’s a hard life for her, honestly. Especially since (little known fact) her given name is Oistrakh—she is named after a famous violinist.

What’s funny to me is that all three of these readers play the violin, be it in an amateur or professional way. How many of you readers play the violin? Do I simply attract other violin-playing, cat-loving women to read my blog??

Anyway, THANKS A BUNCH for the awesome cat pictures. Let’s keep them coming, or it’ll be more fatness, more of the time. (That could be construed as a promise or a threat, depending.)

4 thoughts on “Caturday!!!!”

  1. TGIC!! I’ve been dieing to share a pix of Ziggy von Mauser – my favorite cat. []

    Ziggy loves to go camping; but his favorite pastime is brewing craft beers. His brews are delicious, tho’ sometimes the brewmaster he works with is slow, and sometimes stingy. And, yeah, he could stand to lose some weight — Ziggy, not his brewmaster…

  2. Whoo hoo! Rosie is famous. I showed her the pic on your blog but she was unimpressed. She did like the picture of Sushi though. It seems she would rather stalk the famous than be famous.

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