Chamber Project St Louis Photo Shoot

I never told you guys about the photo shoot I did the other week for Chamber Project St Louis.  I needed to get a good headshot that will be going on their website for the upcoming season.  Brandon Krepel was the photographer and he was a lot of fun to work with, plus the photos look great. 


The founding members had done their photo shoots a few summers ago, and we wanted ours (my friend and colleague Valentina was there also) to be in a similar style and background.  The previous ones had been in front of a brick wall, so we met in the Demun neighborhood where there was a lovely brick wall on the side of a building.  So there we are, out on the street on a Sunday afternoon with violins and cellos, and a photographer and his wife holding the white light thingy they always hold up—people walking by must have thought we were either famous or crazy!


Looking fierce, right?


Photo shoots are funny.  Or at least Brandon was.  Or I just never take anything seriously.


This was both Chris and Brandon’s favorite.


This is my favorite, and the one I chose for the website.  Brandon is going to fix it up a bit and make me look younger (or something.)  Anyway, all photos in this post are from Brandon Krepel Photography in case you didn’t figure that out already.

Famous, right?