Christmas presents from students

One of my favorite parts of teaching is getting gifts (and most notably, handwritten cards) from students on holidays and other special occasions. Some teachers complain that students give them too many cookies and candy, or silly useless gifts, or whatever, but I love getting gifts! It makes me feel important and special to my students (who are important and special to me!)

The winning gift this year (no offense to the rest of you, rest assured I appreciated all the gifts even though many baked goods went directly into the freezer as I try to portion those out!) was a Pez dispenser collection from the Hobbit. I have a Lord of the Rings Pez collection and this student must have noticed and decided to give me a matching set. (It came with an adorable handwritten card—I love little kid handwriting…)


(No, I can’t take a picture on the floor without my foot, why do you ask?)

IMG_8562 IMG_8585

Another great (and toe included) gift was this excellent “fail” button. I can see it being used for many occasions in the future.


This is my version of grumpy cat.


One of my neighbors gave me a plate of cookies and these two cupcakes topped with macarons!  How beautiful are those?! I was so touched (and of course felt guilty as I didn’t make or get anything for THEM—is this a normal thing? Am I a bad neighbor?) and delighted.

I’ve been seeing a lot of folks on Facebook talking about being done with Christmas gigs. I guess they don’t play Christmas Eve services! I’ll be done soon, and then I’ll have a little time off for visiting family and relaxing. Today and tomorrow friends, and then I have some breathing time.