Chris and I are big coffee drinkers.  We’ve had (or I’ve had, can’t even recall when I got it) a lovely red coffeemaker for years, definitely since Cleveland.  In fact, I ordered a red Kitchenaid Mixer because of my red coffeemaker, even though they ended up being slightly different shades.  And then I got a red blender and a red food processor. 

As a small child, I loved coffee ice cream.  I remember the day I learned about mocha chip ice cream.  What, coffee ice cream WITH chocolate chips?  Sign me up!

Anyway, we didn’t register for a coffeemaker for our wedding because we already had a perfectly good one.  UNTIL.

Yesterday afternoon I wanted a cup of coffee before I started teaching.  I put together the water and coffee, turned on the machine, and left the room.  I returned a bit later and attempted to fill up my cup…and I realized that the coffeemaker, though technically ON had MADE NO COFFEE.  It hadn’t heated up. 

So I tried again.  Unplugged and plugged.  Turned off and on.  Waited longer.  Nothing.



Luckily we have a variety of other ways to make coffee.  Stovetop espresso maker.  Instant "Via" blends.  And what we remembered this morning was:  a french press! French press coffee is quite good.  (Honestly it’s better than drip coffee, but it’s those extra steps that bug me—I want the best coffee I can make easier and conveniently.  I don’t really relish the idea of heating water separately every morning.)

Obviously we are in the market for a new coffeemaker.  I think red might be nice.  Any recommendations?  We have some Crate and Barrel gift cards to use, but of course we also love Target and shopping online, so anything would be good.  What do you use for a coffee maker?  Are you as addicted to coffee as I am? 

2 thoughts on “Coffee”

  1. i used to use a stovetop, but it broke; now I mainly use a french press (the best kind, in my opinion. Especially since working at Starbucks for years). If I have oodles of time on my hands, I’ll make lattes with my aeropress that makes espresso. Okay, maybe it doesn’t take “oodles of time” but it takes more than one step, so my lazy self stays away from it during the weekdays.:P

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