I have eaten about four cookies today.   I just can’t stop!  And this is before a dozen of my closest friends descend upon my house bringing cookies to swap. 

Maybe it’s due to the ridiculous amount of work outs I’ve done today.  I went to a spinning class at my friend’s gym.  It was GREAT!  My gym is expanding sometime in the near future and will offer spinning then.  In any case, I really enjoyed it, and plan to go again soon.  I was jealous of the other class members’ fancy spinning shoes  (I love workout clothes/gear.)  I will be able to attend class with my friend another time or two before having to figure out my own thing (or joining her gym which is super expensive!). 

Then I didn’t want to derail my training, so I still needed to get in a long run.  I somehow managed to run 7.5 miles…now my feet hurt, my thighs ache, and I have a feeling by tomorrow I will be VERY sore.  But nonetheless I burned a lot of calories, tried a new workout (which I am looking forward to continuing…perhaps a bit more so than Bikram Yoga?), and now I suppose will just try to stop eating cookies!  I made another pot of coffee to quell the snacking temptation.

Today:  What am I thankful for?  I’m thankful I’m in good enough shape to exercise for over 2 1/2 hours and live through it! 

HBBC:  1 hour spin class: 4 points, 7.5. mile run:  7.5 points, Total:  11.5 points

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