Day one complete!

I drove to Ottawa, Kansas this morning. The drive took about five hours and was very easy. I found Ottawa University with no problem, and waited a bit to check in for my teacher training. My teacher trainer, Susan Kempter, seems terrific so far–she has a lot of new and different ideas from previous teachers I’ve had, but I think that’s good! One of the reasons I’ve become such a teacher training addict lately is that I have become obsessed with having more ideas for teaching. So far she is very interested in setting the left hand up to the detriment of the right hand if necessary, and more emphasis on scales and then arpeggios rather than tonalization. We did an overview of Books 1-3 today, and tomorrow will dive into the first Seitz Concerto.

We had three hours of class and then had to wait in line to get our keys/cards for the dorm and the cafeteria. The dorm is very nice. Two rooms share a bathroom, and I’m sharing with another woman from my class, Amy. All of the other women in the class (yes, all women, it’s almost always women!) seem very nice and friendly. The dorm is next to the track, which I spent awhile on this evening after dinner. The cafeteria is about what I expected, which is just fine, to be expected for mass feeding.

Tomorrow is an early start and a busy day! 8 am Teacher trainer class followed by various lectures and observations. I better get some rest 🙂

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