Dear Everybody

Stop making those of us who are spending Thanksgiving with our friends rather than our family (for whatever reason, primarily because we moved out of our parent’s house some time ago and perhaps EVEN to a different city or state, and maybe we have work that doesn’t let us off for days and days on end) feel like ungrateful losers.  It’s going to be a fantastic day and I’m sorry you have to come up with ways to "survive the holidays" while some of us are looking forward to one of the best days of the year!

Friends are the family you choose for yourself. 

And no disrespect to my family (love you all and hope to see you in January!), but the best part of friends is that there is no unconditional love so you have to be good people to each other to keep the relationship alive.  Seems healthier to me!

I love celebrating holidays with the people I spend the most time with.  I am so thankful to not have to brave the crowds to travel anywhere.  I’m thankful this ecard isn’t applicable to me.

Do I seem weird and bitter in this post? 

I’m just tired of people making me feel bad that I am not spending Thanksgiving with my family.  Guess what!  I am not spending Christmas with them either.  And please try not to make me feel bad about that either.  I’ve invited them all to my wedding, no worries! 

I’m sure you will though.  And then you’ll tell me when I have my own kids I’ll understand. 



6 thoughts on “Dear Everybody”

  1. My husband never spends holidays with his family. Okay, so they live in another country, but whatever.

    Holidays are, to me, about being with the people you WANT to be with. And it sounds like you are. WINNING.

  2. Hannah, I loved the line about how since there’s no unconditional love you have to be good to each other all the time. Sooo true!! I,too, won’t be with my family(though I would like to be), but know that I will have a wonderful time with the people coming, just as I have the past two years. Have a great time with your friends tomorrow!

  3. I’ll confess, with every fiber of my being I can’t wait to see my family for Thanksgiving. But I’ll also admit, I’m deeply jealous of some of my beer buddies doing Friendsgiving. While I don’t think a family-less Thanksgiving will ever be on my agenda, I gotta respect the heck outta the folks who are doing friendsgiving AND am a little jealous of some of the fun they’re gonna have! (Luckily, my brothers have now become some of my best friends, so it evens out).

    Anyone who judges you for not going to a family-house for Thanksgiving seems like maybe they should focus on more important things in their lives, IMHO.

    Go on with your Friendsgiving self!!

  4. I’ll be working, and I hate that people say “oh you poor thing…” I would love to respond–just once- that someone has to take care of your sick child while you are at home with your “family”… I’m not bitter; I just get so tired of everyone forcing family on you, and then complaining about said family…Enjoy your Friendsgiving πŸ™‚

  5. I “have my own kids” and STILL didn’t spend Thanksgiving with my family!!

    And can I just say that last night, in the car, coming back from our friends house I said to Jason, “friends are the family members we pick to have in our lives”. Scary… πŸ˜€

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