Did you win?

Today one of my students noticed a picture I have on the mantel of myself running in a race (the Lewis and Clark).  He asked, “Oh, did you run in a race?”

I said, yes, I ran in a half-marathon in the fall.

He thought about that for a bit, and then asked “Did you win?”

When I told him, no, I didn’t…he looked disappointed. 

He asked what place I finished.  I told him I didn’t remember, that there were over 5000 people, that I was somewhere in the middle, maybe close to 3000th (I don’t remember!).  I think I blew his mind.

But I loved it:  “Did you win?”  No one else has asked me that!

This is why I teach. 

2 thoughts on “Did you win?”

  1. I went to a new run group this week and somehow it came up that I write a blog. The first thing one of the girls asked me was, “Do you have a lot of followers?” I don’t know why, but it struck me as a rather direct question. And your story about the boy asking if you won reminded me of this girl.

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